RoboBees? The answer is not to keep killing things off and replacing them with technology.

RoboBees? Come on People. The answer is not to keep killing things off and replacing them with technology. The answer is to stop killing things off in the first place. It took this scientist 12 years to come up with a working robotic prototype of a honeybee. If he had spent all that time, effort and considerable amount of money on trying to develop organics as an alternative to pesticides, instead of how to make money off of this tragedy, the problem would be solved already. When is science going to learn that it can’t replace Mother Nature?

But ah, that’s the rub isn’t it, as the Brits would say. The U.S is so driven by money, we will put it above everything, including our own health, our environment and the safety of this planet. If we keep going the way we are, science will succeed in destroying the Earth, the effects of which are already crystal clear and in the works. 

So when insects are replaced by robotics, what will the birds eat? So then what? We design Robobirds? Because what will keep the rodent and snake populations down? Then all RoboWildlife because science has started a chain reaction destroying the food chain? Meanwhile, humans are still getting sicker and sicker because we are dowsing our food with even more pesticides, herbicides and GMOs which are completely contradictory to good health for organic living organisms such as ourselves. 

Think scientists are smart? They are NOT. They are the stupidest people on Earth because they are only driven by money and the esteem of being the first to create some new money-making gadget or poison. And our government? Equally as stupid, because they will go out of their way to subsidize the destruction and greed. Tell me. Who will they sell their poisons and gadgets to when they have killed us all off? Or made us so sick we can’t work and thus can’t afford their products? See…they don’t even think that far ahead. They only think as far as their quarterly bottom lines.

Even Russia can see the value in promoting organic agriculture, yet the U.S still  fights it tooth and nail, which shows just how ignorant we are. Over Seventeen other countries have recognized the necessity for going back to nature if we are to survive as a species, yet the U.S continues to put profits above health and sustaining life. It’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen. Destroying yourself for money. There couldn’t be anything more stupid, except that U. S consumers continue to go along with it. Why? Just to save a few pennies themselves. All because we have to have life bigger, faster and cheaper.

Al on the FCC once again trying to regulate the internet. Keep the internet FREE. People should not have to pay for knowledge and information.

Al on the FCC once again trying to regulate the internet. Keep the internet FREE. People should not have to pay for knowledge and information.

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Silly you. You MUST be living in The Matrix


"Take the red pill, and I’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Silly you. You MUST be living in The Matrix if you think this is about GMOs and food labeling.

 This is about the 80% of all women who end up with fibroids or other reproductive problems and have to have hysterectomies before they are 50, the increasing numbers of the population with hormone and reproductive disorders, the high, increasing rate of food allergies, cancers, immune system dysfunction, autoimmune diseases etc. etc. It’s about our government taking the side of a corporation over the welfare of its own people! Our government has let their dog Monsanto off its leash, the whole world is paying the price for it and is very ticked off at us for it. It’s political and corporate corruption at its highest level.

 THAT is what the whole Monsanto protest is about. We’ve been following Monsanto closely for the last 10 years. You think it’s all about GMO labeling and the right to know what’s in our food? How about the right to not be given cancer or other horrible diseases by a company our government gives free reign (yes reign, not rein) to by not even testing Monsanto’s poisons before they subject us to them? Remember “deregulation” started by George W. Bush Senior? That was the beginning of allowing the biotech industry to concoct whatever they wanted and not even have to put it through the usual required testing before it’s used on the public. So they could “hurry up and get their product on the market.” So that in particular, was about money over safety and public health.

The Monsanto protests are about government and corporate corruption that has gone seriously out of control. So much so, that it now threatens the very existence of the entire world and is already destroying our quality of life with cancer and disease. 

 Wonder why Europeans hate us? We have been following European forums for a couple years now, and most of them say, “We don’t hate Americans. We hate American politics and corporate corruption.” They know more about what is going on in our country than Americans do. It ‘s Europe’s job to monitor us, just like it is ours to keep an eye on them. So it should be no surprise that the majority of the corruption about our government and Corporate America is coming from them. Which is why it is more believable than what our own government tells us. Europe has done tests on GMOs and Roundup that our government SHOULD have done. And Europe is leaking those documents to the rest of the world. Thank goodness for it too, or we would have no clue who to hold accountable for this mess we are now in. 

Articles are surfacing that the Pentagon is preparing for civil protests they say are regarding “climate change and energy shock”  spurred on by environmentalists. That is only half true. Environmentalists will be leading the charge, but not because of climate change.  No…they will be protesting the damage Monsanto has done to our planet and our health, and how our government gave them the power to do it. Add the Pentagon’s “preparations for a civil protest” to government surveillance of social media, phones and other invasions of our right to privacy, and it all adds up to them being pretty worried about civil protests alright and wanting to find the dissidents and whistleblowers and anyone who might get the ball rolling in any form of a serious threat to them.

This is about to get a whole lot uglier before it gets better. Bet you are asking yourself, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the BLUE pill?” 

Because the blue pill is what got us in trouble in the first place!

New USDA Report Says Bees Won’t Make it.


A new report hitting the airwaves in the last few months from the USDA says that “death rate of bees in the U.S is too high for survival.”

We need to STOP BEING STUPID.  This doesn’t take a PhD to figure out. Any person with a 6th grade education can understand how this works. It’s Ecology 101. The USDA says the honeybees will not survive and will likely become extinct, next it will be ladybugs and all the other beneficial insects, then all the birds - because they also eat the insects and seeds that are contaminated with chemicals - the bats are all dying from some “mysterious” fungus, and then our ecosystem will be so out of balance there will be no way to reverse the damage. Thanks to the chemical companies and chemical pollution we created, we have no more clean water, clean air, or clean soils, and now the animals and plants are dying. We are next!

Mother Nature, is sending us a huge message. If we keep choosing to ignore it, we will suffer even more than we are already. Our high rate of cancer, food allergies, hormone imbalances, immune system diseases - these are not accidents. They are being caused by our neglect for the welfare of our environment. We KNOW this because the animals are telling us so. This is FACT. Not hype. And if you think you won’t get a great deal worse in your lifetime, you are wrong! It is already happening. Open your eyes, pay attention to what is going on around you. The destruction is already at a crisis level. Animals are dying. We are disease-ridden; It is already happening People!

The only way to reverse the damage we have caused is to literally go backwards. Back to nature, before she is gone completely. That process starts with YOU. Stop buying conventional, commercial products that are killing everything and killing you slowly. Organic, sustainable products are the only thing that will save our future health and quality of life. The animal kingdom is giving us all the evidence we need that chemicals kill any living organism. Why would we think humans are exempt? We breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same foods and are also organic, living organisms.
You want to save as many of those almighty paper dollars as  you can and buy the cheapest food you can? You think “Oh, somebody else will do it so I don’t have to?” Well any money you are saving in buying conventional food you are spending on medical bills and health care. A survey done by the medical committee for insurance companies shows that we are now spending more money on health care than on groceries.
We are truly the most stupid species on this planet. Nothing in nature destroys its own environment because to do so means certain death. Yet we are doing that very thing. And for what? For money? Stuff those greenbacks down your throat and try surviving on them! 

Help us SAVE THE BEES from permanent extinction. You can hlep us set up beehives across the U.S in pesticide-free areas. Here’s a link to how you can help.

Help us SAVE THE BEES from permanent extinction. You can hlep us set up beehives across the U.S in pesticide-free areas. Here’s a link to how you can help.

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